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How A Corporate Accounts Coordinator Can Help Your Company Run At Peak Productivity

My name is Robbie Rae. I am the National Accounts Manager for Storage King and I want to help you simplify your business and help it run at peak productivity.

If you're using storage for your company, we understand what a headache liaising with multiple storage sites can be. Whether you’re waiting for a phone call, email or quote, dealing with numerous representatives at different companies can prove a massive waste of time. That’s why Storage King can provide you with a National Account Coordinator who handles the logistics for you.

I cannot tell you the amount of customers I have had who are sick of running an inefficient business, wasting mornings and afternoons attempting to organise their multiple storage sites. It annoys me too. This is why I take pride in telling my clients that we are the best at what we do. Not only will our National Account Coordinator allow your company to run at peak productivity, they will de-stress your life allowing you to focus on the...

How Tradies can take the stress out of their day by storing their tools!

For a tradie, nothing is more important than the safety of their tools. A tradie’s tools are the lifeblood of their work. Without them it is nearly impossible to earn an income. Luckily, at Storage King, we understand this too. We know what a challenge it can be to assure the safety of your tools around the clock. This is why we have come up with the perfect solution to simplify your life so you can focus on your work, family and friends: the things that really matter.
Tools are expensive! When you have multiple apprentices it is expensive to buy the same tools for everyone. Why not use the storage space as a depo or drop off point where you can have one set of tools and share it as your team needs it for their jobs
Your tools will be kept safe in storage units. Locking your tools in your truck where they might get stolen or in your house where they can get in the way creates potential risks for your tools. By using a storage unit you have peace of mind knowing your tools are being...

Garage Sale Trail

Kings and Queens! We are thrilled to be involved in this year’s Garage Sale Trail, with many of our Storage King stores around the country sponsoring or participating in their own community garage sales! Garage sales can be a great day of treasure hunting, bargain finding, haggling and supporting your local community.

Some of the great reasons we joined the trail this year:

It’s a haggler’s dream – Whether you go in seeking that perfect coffee table or stumble upon it by accident, you never know what you might find! If you don’t have space in your home just yet, Storage King offers simple storage solutions that could work for you. You could be finding some unique treasures that could find a great place in your home. Plus, the price will be only a fraction of what you’d pay for it brand new!

Help the planet – Last year Garage Sale Trail helped sell hundreds of thousands of items that could have instead ended up in a landfill and even avoid expensive...

Storage while you're selling & moving house.

Moving house? Storage King to the rescue!

Moving house: it’s not something we do for fun, is it? All the same, the time comes when we have to move on to pastures new. Getting storage space can take some of the stress out of your move, making the whole process a lot smoother and easier on frayed nerves. In fact, statistics show that the prime reason for taking storage space is the need to put a few things away over the moving period. But surely moving simply means packing up, moving on and packing out? Our investigations show there’s more to it than that!

Selling up
If you own your home rather than renting it, moving means you have to get the old place sold first. We already know that the better the impression we make on prospective home buyers, the faster our properties will sell, but what’s to be done about all the things that make our homes look lived in? Buyers want to see everything crisp and uncluttered even though they know everything will move when we move. What’s to be...

Spring Cleaning: #ClutterCulprits

Whether you’re considering relocating to another country and want to keep your accumulated stuff in storage while you check things out, or whether you’re staying put, there are some sentimental things that sometimes clutter your home. Even if you aren’t going anywhere, you might decide that the storage of excess things is worth it. 

Suppose your kids are almost ready to leave home, and you want to keep a few things aside for them – or your youngest child isn’t quite ready for an older child’s almost-new hand-me-downs. Storage is a great solution.

September is a busy time for moving around and clearing out winter items. If you are relocating, you’ll want to keep your precious and irreplaceable items stored safely until you’re sure the new house will become a real home. If you’re travelling for several months, storing household contents away will make it possible to rent out your home for extra income. 

You’re always going to have meaningful items that should...